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Energy Planning: GLA Updates

By Nastasia Bassil, Energy Specialist

The GLA Updates on Carbon Factors and the Impact on the New Residential Developments


Planning applicants in London submitted after January 2019 must use the SAP 10 emission factors when estimating CO2 emission performance against London Plan policies, this until the government updates Part L of the Building Regulations.


According to Greater London Authority’s Energy Assessment Guidance, this ensures that the assessment of new developments reflects the actual carbon emissions associated with their operation.


The 55% reduction in the CO2 emissions factor for electricity in SAP10 means the use of electricity on site will provide much lower CO2 emissions. This implies that electric heating systems, including electric heat pumps, will become more viable. In many cases, relying solely on solar PV (with for example a gas fired heating system) may not be enough to meet the 35% carbon emissions reduction targets. Developments will need to use a combination of technologies to meet the 35% onsite carbon reduction target.


Pinnacle ESP uses the most up-to-date software and calculation tools to provide guidance on planning applications and energy strategy for new developments in line with the latest regulations. We use our expertise in Mechanical and Electrical systems and a pragmatic approach to design the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions possible.

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