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Client: London Borough of Bromley

Project Value: £3.4 million

Project Type: 1FE to 2FE expansion

Edgebury Primary School


PinnacleESP has been commissioned to design and project manage the expansion of Edgebury Primary School located in Bromley.


Edgebury primary school 1FE to 2 FE expansion comprises a new classroom and administration building, which will include a brand new entrance and focal point to the school. The expansion will also include a new hall and kitchen extension.


The building will be designed for low energy usage through the application of good building design and simple technologies which will benefit the wider environment in terms of low carbon emissions, as well as the school as ongoing running costs and maintenance will be minimised.


PinnacleESP has designed the full mechanical and electrical services for this project, including new fire alarm devices, intruder alarms and CCTV cameras.













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