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Building Physics

Providing climate responsive and holistic sustainable design is critical to achieving well-designed building services solutions.  Our talented engineers can create an holistic approach to design and consider not only the services design but address the challenges faced by our design and construction partners to meet the needs of residents and occupants - from building form through to orientation, location and materials.


Buildings and environments need to function well and with ease for their occupants. Long life building efficiency, environmental impact, comfort, safety and security, and ease of maintenance are the key requirements our clients stipulate for every brief.  Our low carbon consultants are experts in sustainability codes and assessments, and all of our services designs ensure this key criteria set by our clients are achieved in a commercial and practical way.


IES Thermal Modelling

We use thermal modelling tools to assess the performance of a building and create an appropriate strategy for our clients’ requirements.  Our models create a simulated thermal environment to investigate how the building will operate using different criteria, so clients can see exactly how the solution will work for them.


This process allows us to challenge the design strategy at an early stage, avoiding unnecessary and abortive work or costs. From this analysis, the design team and our client can be confident in optimising the design solution.


For our modelling, using IES VE PRO, we can assess:


  • Dynamic thermal simulation

  • Daylighting analysis

  • Solar shading design

  • Simulation services for BREEAM

  • Low carbon building solutions

  • Part L compliance


Carbon reduction and management strategies

Working with both the public and private sectors, we produce carbon management studies to outline to our clients current inefficiencies and provide options to improve the performance of buildings and hence reducing energy costs. We will undertake a feasibility study to determine the appropriate options.  To establish a base case for the building’s carbon footprint, we will develop an IES thermal model to ensure confidence in proposed solutions. From this we will develop and put forward sustainable, carbon reduction solutions and develop options appraisals against capital expenditure and projected payback periods.


Energy compliance and benchmarking

Our low carbon consultants support clients to achieve the different legislative and sustainability requirements.  They are skilled in:


  • SBEM calculations to regularly monitor energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions

  • DEC, EPC & SAP calculations

  • Air conditioning assessments

  • Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH)

  • BREEAM assessments and strategies

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