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Client: London Borough of Lewisham

Project Value: £100,000

Project Type: Flood lighting

Ladywell Arena



PinnacleESP was tasked with providing county level flood lighting to a new synthetic athletics facility at Ladywell Arena in conjunction with the London Borough of Lewisham and Sports England. There was a requirement to illuminate the central football pitch so that it could be used for recreational level night football matches and training.The flood lighting design comprises 12m hinge down lighting columns with Metal Halide flood lighting arrays to meet the required illumination and glare levels at ground level. In addition to designing the flood lighting, a full plans application was made to the planners describing in detail the light pollution, glare and other factors. The flood lighting was successfully completed on time for the opening of the new running track and continues to provide a high quality sports facility in the borough of Lewisham.



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