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Client: Barratt Homes

Project Value: £150 million

Project Type: 788 new dwellings

Loampit Vale


This is a landmark regeneration project in Lewisham Town Centre. The scheme comprised 788 new dwellings, retail premises, a leisure centre and facilities for a future new school constructed over a five year period.


An Energy Centre, with dual 300 KVA CHP’s, was installed during Phase 1. This will ultimately serve the whole site, significantly reducing the electrical load required for the development.  The scheme comprises private HV and LV transformers, an energy centre, firefighting supplies, private network metering and all other electrical and ancillary services, commensurate with a project of this magnitude. 11% of the energy generated at the site will be provided through renewable sources with a 47% reduction in carbon emissions overall.


This project incorporates a large scale CHP plant where significant and complex negotiation was carried out to deal with the G59 high voltage metering arrangements to ensure the residents obtained the optimum deal for their energy.





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