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Client: London Borough of Camden

Project Value: £1 million

Project Type: School refurbishment


This major refurbishment will include the replacement of existing windows and flat roofs. The new windows will address the ventilation and health and safety issues as well as reducing heat loss from the school.


The cabling is to be replaced to comply with current CIBSE and British Standard regulations. The school will be fully re-wired to serve the existing distribution boards which will allow for future expansion.


The electrical services will include the replacement of light fittings with new LED lighting, which shall offer energy and maintenance benefits. These shall be controlled via passive infrared (PIR) sensors to further enhance the system's energy efficiency.


The mechanical works will comprise replacing the current pipework and radiators with an entire new system.  The system will allow each floor its own thermostatically controlled circuit, offering independent control to each floor and dramatically improving the system they have installed currently.  In addition, each radiator will be fitted with a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) for individual control, and appropriate isolation valves and commission valves will be added to further enhance control.


The plant room will be installed with new variable speed drive pumps and undertake a controls upgrade to allow for improvement to temperature sensing, optimisation and timer controls. 





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