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CIBSE & Green Register Overheating Seminar

By Nastasia Bassil, Energy Specialist

Pinnacle ESP attended the CIBSE & Green Register Overheating Seminar in July 2019,  which discusses the causes of overheating and presents some of the solutions that can be easily included into the design of buildings using a collaborative approach.


One of the highlights of the seminar was the importance of early consideration of overheating to inform orientation, building shape and floor layout.

The seminar also highlighted that the National Planning Policy Framework 2018 update mentions that “Plans should take a proactive approach to mitigating and adapting to climate change, taking into account (…) the risk of overheating from rising temperatures.”. The London Plan is at the forefront of the battle against overheating, as it requires applications to use TM59 for new residential developments and TM52 for non-domestic development as a method to assess the overheating risks. The CIBSE speakers also mentioned that the Future 2019/2020 update to the Building Regulations Part L & F are highly likely to include treatment of overheating.


The seminar presented a new free tool provided by the Good Homes Alliance and issued in July 2019. It is called “Early Stage Overheating Risk Tool” and provides guidance on how to assess overheating risk in residential risk in residential schemes at the early stage of design.


It is specifically a pre-detail design assessment intended to help identify factors that could contribute to or mitigate the likelihood of overheating. 


The early stage overheating risk tool can be downloaded for free at the link below:

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