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Client: Galliford Try

Project Value: £TBC

Project Type: Mixed-use new build development

Great Eastern Quays Phase 2 


Great Eastern Quays is a 'green' mixed-use development spanning 6.2ha. For this exciting phase two project, we will be working closely with Galliford Try to build on phase one and create a sustainable MEP and services strategy for 468 new homes, retail and leisure and commercial spaces.

PinnacleESP worked with Galliford Try Partnerships on Phase 1, designing for 350 homes and the incoming services infrastructure as well as the diversion of high voltage cabling, gas mains and new water services to serve the entire development of Phases 1 and 2. The site will draw its heat from a centralised energy centre that generates its heat via a primary CHP unit, backed up by multiple modular gas fired condensing boilers.









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