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Green Hills


Energy and Sustainability



At PinnacleESP we use dynamic thermal modelling tools to assess the performance of a building and create an appropriate strategy for our clients’ requirements.  Our models create a simulated thermal environment to investigate how the building will operate using different criteria, so clients can see exactly how the solution will work for them.

 This process allows us to challenge the design strategy at an early stage, avoiding unnecessary and abortive work or costs. From this analysis, the design team and our client can be confident in optimising the design solution.

For our modelling, using IES VE PRO, we can assess:

•            Dynamic thermal simulation

•            Building geometry and layouts

•            Thermal comfort levels

•            Overheating analysis

•            Daylighting analysis

•            Simulation services for BREEAM

•            Energy consumption

•            Carbon emissions

•            Low carbon building solutions

•            Energy Compliance and Building Regulations

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