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Feasibility, Pre-acquisition & Condition Surveys


PinnacleESP undertakes feasibility studies and condition surveys for a wide range of clients including property owners from the public and private sectors as well as investors and occupiers.


Our primary focus is to clearly understand our client’s brief so that we can collate accurate data on the specific building characteristics; occupancy levels; frequency of use and building layout.



Feasibility studies


Our feasibility reports provide options for remodelling, refurbishment or new build. As part of the survey analysis we will provide advice on the critical issues for any future building services requirements. We also provide advice on the statutory requirements, capital and revenue cost implications, and the advantages and disadvantages of proposed systems.



Condition surveys


We incorporate detailed inspection, examination and recording of visible defects with the existing building services and plant. The final report will incorporate photographic evidence with associated costs and condition ratings for individual elements in the buildings.  We work with our clients to identify the priority areas for improvement as a basis for making practical and cost effective discussions on future works.



Asset management


Each organisation is unique and often require tailor-made management solutions. With this in mind every asset review that PinnacleESP undertakes is specific to each client. Asset registers prove great value for organisations when identifying the condition and worth of their capital assets. The production of a register provides a detailed view of future depreciation and expected lifespan of all services and plant. Our process incorporates site surveys and discussions with our clients to identify all building services assets and the depth of management information required for the register.  We can assist large corporates or local government clients in the production of an asset register for all building services systems, helping our clients manage their building stock effectively.



Whole life costing and Life cycle costing


This can be characterised as a systematic approach to balancing capital and revenue costs, where we ensure the building services design is optimised to sustain the use of the building for its whole life. The output quantifies the financial values of our design solutions from inception through construction, making sure the solutions we propose will stand the test of time.  Of course we take into account macro factors such as polictical and environmental legislation and we aim to provide practice solutions in line with regulatory requirements. Through this process we provide improved accuracy in projecting our client’s assets and their service life. We incorporate planned maintenance and renewal strategies, and assess the impact of the supply chain engagement.  

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