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Citadel, 190 Corporation Street, Birmingham 


Client: Colliers 

Project Value: £6 Million

 Pinnacle ESP were appointed by Kinrise to provide MEPH detailed design services on a landmark project in the heart of Birmingham.


The proposed scheme was to restore the existing buildings to their former glory with a focus on natural light, subtleties of design and attention to detail with the intent of revealing character and restoring original features.


The client’s brief to Pinnacle ESP was to explore ways to reduce energy, water and waste and improve air quality

and ensure sensible supply chains with the aim to achieve a net zero carbon running cost. Whilst creating a good working environment with a good culture enabled by social, collaborative spaces.


Pinnacle ESP utilised natural ventilation where viable to provide ventilation, supported by a low carbon VRF system ensuring thermal comfort levels throughout the spaces.


As part of their design intent, Pinnacle ESP eradicated all fossil fuels from the development with electricity being sourced from green providers to assist the Client in achieving the net zero in operation goal.


The scheme utilises an innovative lighting scheme to enhance the interior of the building particularly in the large vaulted atrium and highlighting the existing building structure.

A particular challenge with the scheme was to deliver the project around the commonwealth games in the city.


Pinnacle ESP provided Stage 5 & 6 consultancy services to support the project through the construction phases.

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