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St Crispins

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Client: Woking Borough Council         

Project Value: £4.5 Million  

St Crispins is a specialist science school and a new build modern science block has been designed for the school. The school is Grade II listed by English Heritage and is within a quiet area with high constraints on visual and noise impact to the local community.


The new build comprises eight science labs, prep rooms and a multi-use science lecture space with flexible gas, water and electrical services to enable the space to be used for science demonstrations and general lectures.  The laboratory areas are negatively pressured by variable speed quiet roof extract fans, modulated via CO² sensors with local “boost” timed override for fume clearance. Supply air is tempered by two Tichelman grid ground to air heat exchangers. This provides renewable heat energy to reduce winter heating cost and eliminate the need/cost of mechanical cooling in the summer.

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