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Client: Capital & Provincial         

Project Value: £3.5 Million  

PinnacleESP are commissioned by Capital & Provincial Ltd to deliver stage 0-6 MEP design for the proposed works across the entire Young Epilepsy Education Campus.


The masterplan outlines a practical and exciting vision for the long-term future of this essential and unique estate. The comprehensive design features a core of high-quality bespoke and listed buildings, including a new Heritage Square at the campus's centre.


The projects include two new wings for the existing special needs college to enhance educational facilities, the remodelling and refurbishment of current student accommodation to create a new special needs infant school block, new high-quality courtyard spaces for students and staff, refurbishment of the listed granary and barn, a new on-site shop, a comprehensive review of parking, infrastructure, and landscaping, and a consolidated building footprint within the green belt setting.


All building services design across the projects adheres strictly to the latest DFE Guidance and Regulations, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for students with special needs.

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